November 22, 2023

November 22, 2023

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Award winning movie at December 14 meeting: Who were the “Janes”? Why are they important? They were leaders in the pro-choice movement before Roe. On Thursday, December 14, 7pm in the Auditorium, CH 2 (note the venue), we will show the HBO documentary “The Janes” with special guest and star of the movie Heather Booth. She also is a civil rights, labor, anti-war and women’s activist. The movie was named the “top documentary” in the “News and Doc” Emmys.

Ms. Booth plays a central role in the movie, which is based on her life as well as her comrades. They illegally provided abortion information and care in the pre-Roe era.  Because the movie and guest cost money, a small, voluntary donation will be welcome at the door.

“Winning Wednesdays” produced an election victory: Our “Winning Wednesdays” pushed Democratic turnout in Virginia by writing more than 1,000 letters and 750 postcards to swing voters in targeted districts. Consider this: There were at least five VA legislation races decided by only 1-3%. Campaigns will tell you that letters, cards and texts can increase turnout by 2-4%. (Note: The activity will resume in early January. Ya’ll come!)

And there’s more: We plan to reward this year’s participants with their own party on December 13 from 1-3 pm in the Norbeck Room, CH 2, with refreshments. Volunteers, you know who you are. Save the date! There’s no party as satisfying as a victory party.

Legislative Advocacy Committee resumes: Dec. 1 at 11am in the Edmonson Room, Clubhouse 2, Edmonston Room, the Legislative Advocacy Committee has its start-up meeting. Anyone interested in promoting issues common to our community, state and country is welcome. Contact:

MD news

Need information about the future of transportation? Read reporter Lou Peck’s article in MoCo360 (formerly “Bethesda Beat”) of Nov 13 titled: MD Senate President is Upbeat on Avoiding Cuts in Metro Service

MD wins tobacco lawsuit: “MD Attorney General Anthony G. Brown announced today that a panel of arbitrators unanimously found in favor of Maryland and against Philip Morris USA, the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, and two dozen other tobacco companies, resulting in the state’s recovery of more than $30 million in withheld settlement funds.

“The disputed payments were owed to the state according to the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement (MSA), which Maryland and other states created to recover billions of dollars in healthcare costs associated with treating smoking-related illnesses. The MSA’s purpose is to reduce smoking in the U.S., especially among youth, by raising the costs of cigarettes through the imposition of payment obligations on tobacco companies, restricting tobacco marketing, eliminating industry practices that obscure tobacco’s health risks, and supporting smoking prevention programs.

“The arbitration put an end to the cigarette companies’ attempt to avoid paying millions of dollars in settlement payments …” (AG Brown)

Justice delayed: “It only took since 1855: The Supreme Court of MD honored the state’s first Black lawyer posthumously. Edward Draper of Baltimore received his law degree from Dartmouth College 166 years ago, but was rejected in 1857 by a Baltimore judge who found that Draper “qualified in all respects – except that he was not white.” (Darcy Costello, Balt Sun)

Always time for some humor

Johnson Promises to be the Greatest Speaker of the 17th Century (Washington) “For years, time travel was the stuff of science fiction,” the newly elected Speaker said. “Now, as I take this majestic nation back four hundred years, I will make that dream a reality.” (Borowitz Report, The New Yorker magazine)

Rep. Jamie Raskin marked up a thank you letter  from Rep. George Santos (R-NY) for voting not to expel him from Congress this week. However, Raskin added: “P.S. It’s not shameful to resign.”

From the Speaker fight: “When Gaetz rose to speak in a closed-door party meeting on Thursday, McCarthy told him to ‘sit your ass down,’ and another Republican, Rep. Mike Bost of Illinois, cursed and lunged at Gaetz.” (Talking Points Memo)

And: “It’s a pleasure to get to vote against Jim Jordan every single day, but I never thought that would be my job. Come on GOP, let’s get back to work. It’s like our main job under the Republicans is to go in and vote for speakers, this is absurd.” (Rep. Jamie Raskin)

Please, hold your breath, Matt: “Just minutes after the vote (for Steve Scalese as Speaker), Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told reporters: `I’m excited for him. I can’t wait to go vote for Steve Scalise. Long live Speaker Scalise.`”

Another great fortune teller: “Just a year before the 2022 midterm elections, Rep. Kevin McCarthy predicted Republicans could flip as many as 70 House seats in the midterms.

“McCarthy boldly predicted: `If you’re a Democrat, and President Biden won your seat by 16 points, you’re in a competitive race next year. You are no longer safe.`” (Politico)(9 seats actually flipped – ed.)

A character from the Wizard of Oz: “You know, when you elect a bowl of Jell-O, what you get is a bowl of Jell-O. And it’s not gonna change! And the reason that they put him in there is because he was a bowl of Jell-O.” — James Carville, on MSNBC, about deposed Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The taxman cometh for thee: “The IRS has placed a lien on Rudy Giuliani’s $4.5 million penthouse after accusing the fallen attorney of owing more than half a million dollars in unpaid taxes,” the Daily Mail reports.

Sshhh, no pillow talk allowed: “The lawyers representing Mike Lindell in the Dominion voting machine defamation case have moved to withdraw saying Lindell is “in arrears by millions of dollars” on the legal fees he owes them. The once-ubiquitous MyPillow commercials that flooded the airwaves of Fox News and other cable television stations have all but disappeared over the past few weeks amid owner Mike Lindell’s ongoing financial problems,” the Daily Beast reports.

Rep. Jamie Raskin told CNN that he heard directly from Republicans on the House floor that the right-wing believes Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) set up the initial impeachment hearing into President Biden to fail. Said Raskin: “They couldn’t believe that such a disaster would just happen by accident.”

And a Happy Turkey Holiday to All