August 10, 2022


Campaign Rally with Miller and Brown!

Thursday, August 11, 5:00-7 pm


Lt. Governor candidate Aruna Miller (introduced by State Sen. Kramer)! 

Plus Att’y. Gen. candidate Anthony Brown (introduced by Councilmember and author Will Jawando)! 

Plus wine & cheese and many of the primary winners from July. Ms. Miller, who is Wes Moore’s running mate, will lead off the event. She will speak starting at 5:10 pm. We will open up at 4:30 pm. 


Space will be limited due to social distancing and an abundance of caution. Masks are mandatory when not eating or drinking. Do not come if you have not been vaccinated.

Regular Club meetings start Sept. 8, 7pm with pollster extraordinaire Fred Yang: Fred polls for both Wes Moore/Aruna Miller and Anthony Brown, as well as Sen. Van Hollen and Rep. Raskin, and other races around the country. No one knows Maryland voters better. He will tell us what to expect in the upcoming Maryland and national elections. 

Further meetings: We meet the second Thursday of each month at 7pm, Crystal Ballroom in Clubhouse 1. Our October meeting will be October 13 at 7 pm, followed by Nov. 10, etc. And yes, we’ll have Raskin here before too long. So join now! Dues are $15/person. Contact

In other news …

Legislating … “A few months ago, it looked like Biden was facing a legislatively failed presidency, with little in the way of a lasting legacy on domestic policy. Today, it seems likely that we’re going to get:

  • An economic rescue plan that has helped lead to the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years
  • A major investment in American infrastructure, that doubled as an impressive display of bipartisanship
  • The first significant gun safety legislation in more than a decade
  • Electoral Count Act reform, on a bipartisan basis
  • A $280 billion dollar investment in semiconductor manufacturing, as well as American science
  • The confirmation of the first Black woman to the Supreme Court
  • The Inflation Reduction Act

“For a 50-50 Senate, that’s pretty damn impressive.” (Commentator Simon Bazelton)

Recent headlines from “The Borowitz Report” (humor in The Atlantic Monthly) include:

  • “Feds Seizing documents at Mar-a- Lago fail to find Trump health care plan … “It’s got to be around here somewhere,” said one FBI agent.
  • “McConnell accuses Biden of violating traditions of Congress by accomplishing things …” McConnell declared, “The hallowed customs of this Capitol have been shredded forever.”
  • “Justice Department urges Trump to hire Alex Jones’s lawyers.”
  • “Kansas Republicans face dark future in state where women have rights … “If this kind of nightmare can happen in Kansas, it can happen anywhere,” one Republican said.
  • “Boris Johnson freaks out after Giuliani arrives in London to help him”


July 31

Lt. Governor candidate Aruna Miller headlines August 11 meeting! Plus wine & cheese with many of the primary winners from July, including State Senator Ben Kramer, Delegate Vaughn Stewart, sheriff candidate Max Uy, school board candidate Julie Yang and others.

Ms. Miller’s time is limited. We plan to put her on at 5:10 pm and she has to leave within 30 minutes. Please, be on time or early. We will set up at 4:30 pm.

This will be an informal event that will give you time to discuss issues with our Democratic candidates. Space will be limited due to an abundance of caution for health reasons. We will be seated at tables of 8 to facilitate eating and drinking – and maintain social distancing. Masks are mandatory when not eating or drinking; do not come if you have not been vaccinated.

Wes Moore/Aruna Miller campaign:  Believe the hype… Moore has a lot of smarts and ability, an inspiring life story, a diverse professional history, and a desire to do good. — Maryland Matters  We have extended an invitation to primary winner Moore and are working on acceptable dates. No one should be complacent about winning the Governor and Lt. Governor seats, so the Club will work vigorously for their election. Can you help? You don’t have to be a club member to help educate and turn out Leisure World Democrats. Contact us at  

Regular Club meetings start Sept. 8: We meet the second Thursday of each month at 7pm, Crystal Ballroom in Clubhouse 1. Our October meeting will be October 13, followed by Nov. 10, etc.

Other Club activities

Ag Fair … The Montgomery County Agricultural Fair in Gaithersburg will have a Democratic Party booth. We have volunteered to staff the booth on Monday, August 15. Can you help us? If so, please send an email to with your availability on that day. We can get you free parking and, if you wish, you can meander around the fairgrounds after your shift. Check out the arts and crafts, too. It’s a lot of fun.

Voter registration … We will conduct a voter registration drive in August and September, targeting residents who have moved to Leisure World in the past two years. If you can help, please send an email to

Winning Wednesdays: We are taking a break during August. However, our postcard/letter writing to “Battleground States” will resume on a weekly basis on September 7, Clubhouse 1. We’re targeting Georgia (Sen. Warnock re-election and Stacy Abrams for Governor) and Pennsylvania (Governor and Senate seats).

Latest MD election results …

The race for County Exec between Marc Elrich and David Blair, which is still too close to call, will probably involve a recount in mid-August. The Board of Elections hopes to certify the results by August 12.

Incumbent State Sen. Kramer and Delegates Cullison, Crutchfield and Stewart easily were victorious. Incumbent At-Large County Council members Jawando, Albornoz and Glass were victorious along with newcomer Laurie-Anne Sayles. Probably Kristin Mink will be our new County Council District 5 rep. Newcomer Julie Yang will join the Board of Education. John McCarthy returns as State’s Attorney and Max Uy will be the new Sheriff.

News on Social Security and Medicare

Medicare anniversary: 63 million Americans depend on the guaranteed health care benefits Medicare provides. These benefits were earned over a lifetime of work and are essential for a secure retirement. This is the 58th anniversary of Lyndon Johnson signing the legislation into law. It is time to strengthen and expand Medicare now by allowing it to negotiate lower drug prices and provide guaranteed vision, dental, and hearing services to all beneficiaries. Some of these provisions are in the Senate bill that could be voted on next week.

A surprise announcement on Wednesday from Sens. Chuck Schumer (NY) and Joe Manchin (WV) revived hopes for Democrats to pass the legislation. Central to the deal, dubbed “The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022”, is the prescription drug pricing reform that includes allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, as well as a $2,000 annual out-of-pocket cap on drug costs for beneficiaries under Medicare Part D. Senate Democrats are looking to add insulin to the deal.  Additionally, the agreement includes three years of additional subsidies for Affordable Care Act premiums, a boost from the two years that Sen. Manchin previously approved. Our Representative, Jamie Raskin, and our two Senators, Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin, support the bill.

Strengthen and expand Social Security: Congress must act on two fronts to make that happen: lift the cap on earnings — currently $147,000 — subject to the 6.2% payroll tax, and lower prescription drug prices to stem their rapid growth. Expansion of Social Security benefits is critical to help seniors fight inflation, and H.R. 5723, Rep. John Larson’s (CT) “Social Security 2100: A Sacred Trust,” would make that increase a reality for all beneficiaries by requiring wealthy Americans to pay payroll taxes on wages above $400,000. As with Medicare, Rep. Raskin and Senators Cardin and Van Hollen support this critical legislation.

Republicans just can’t help themselves: Republicans, who opposed Social Security when it was enacted into law by Pres. Franklin Roosevelt as part of the “New Deal”, also oppose strengthening Social Security. Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee that recruits and supports Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate, released a plan that would sunset all federal legislation, including Social Security and Medicare, after five years.

Notice: If you have not renewed your membership, this is the last issue of the “Donkey Dispatch” you will receive and will not be invited to some of our scintillating events. To renew or check your status contact


July 17, 2022

In this issue … 

Events; Some news of interest; More news of absurd Republican happenings … 


+ Note: There is no regular, evening Democratic Club meeting this month due to the primary. The next general meeting is a wine & cheese party on Aug 11 from 5-7:30 pm with the candidates from Tuesday’s Primary invited. 


+ Next Winning Wednesday July 27, but with a twist … We will meet in the Chesapeake Room, CH 1 (not the Annapolis Room). We will have refreshments. Enjoy your fellow Democrats while writing or taking home. Masks required.

+ Voting… Fewer than 5% of eligible voters cast ballots at early voting sites. Tens of thousands voted by mail or drop box.

  • July 19: Mail-in ballots must be postmarked no later than the day of the primary election.
  • July 19: Primary Election day. There are 3 precincts in Leisure World. Which is yours? Go to: Use the drop down menu’s “Voter Registration” tab. Click on “Verify Voter Registration” and enter the required data. If you have a mail-in ballot, send it now, or be prepared to wait in line at your voting precinct. Same day voter registration is allowed.
  • There could be a delay in clear election results this primary, the result of a dramatic shift by voters to mail-in ballots and the veto of a bill that would have allowed elections officials to start processing those ballots before election day.
  • More than 10 times as many mail-in ballots have been requested this year compared to 2018, the last time the current rules were used for counting mailed ballots. (Maryland Matters)

News of interest …

If I had a hammer … The US Postal Service has issued a new stamp with Pete Seeger as the image. Generations of people around the world know him as both a singer and a political activist. Fittingly, the stamp is a “Forever” stamp. During the Great Depression he and Woody Guthrie roamed the US promoting unions and, as WW II loomed, patriotic messages. His first #1 seller? “Goodnight Irene.”

1/6 Polls… A new Politico/Morning Consult poll suggests the Jan. 6 Committee could be changing the public’s understanding of that day’s events:

  • 66% of voters say Donald Trump attempted to overturn the 2020 election.
  • 66% say he claimed the election was fraudulent without evidence.
  • 59% say he misled the public about the outcome of the election.

Also interesting: 44% of Republicans say Trump lied about the election results. That’s up seven points since the end of June.

Raskin named with Rep. Andy Harris … Rep. Jamie Raskin jointly led the questioning of witnesses about how the president called on supporters to come to Washington on Jan. 6, 2021 for a “wild” protest, resulting in an insurrection. And for the first time, the committee revealed Maryland Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) was present at a Dec. 21 White House meeting in which Trump and senior officials discussed a plan to “encourage members of the public to fight the outcome on January 6,” according to Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Florida).

Democrats seeking to unseat Harris in the Republican-heavy 1st District in November issued immediate statements condemning Harris’ involvement in the meeting and demanded more details. Harris did not respond to a request for comment. (Politico)

And news of absurd Republicans … Admittedly, the US Constitution does not require elected officials to be intelligent or truthful, but …

What’s in Pennsylvania’s water?  Mehmet Oz (or Dr. Oz on TV) is the Republican candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania. He “spent months in a Pennsylvania (primary) Senate race touting a history of hunting in Florida. But the state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has confirmed Oz never had a license to legally hunt in the Sunshine State,” Florida Politics reports.

“The vast majority of property Oz owns in the state of Florida remains unsuitable for hunting.”

More PA … Doug Mastriano’s Republican campaign for governor in Pennsylvania paid $5,000 for “consulting services” to Gab, a social media platform that provides a home for conspiracy theories and antisemitic content, WESA reports.

Similar water in MT …  Montana state Rep. Brad Tschida (R) said in an email to fellow legislators that a woman’s womb serves no specific purpose to her life or well-being, the Missoula Current reports.

Said Tschida: “The womb is the only organ in a woman’s body that serves no specific purpose to her life or well-being. It is truly a sanctuary.” (Politico)

and Georgia … “When Herschel Walker’s campaign aides approached him this winter to discuss whispers that Walker had a secret child, the Georgia GOP’s Senate candidate told his campaign the rumors were false,” the Daily Beast reported.

“Walker’s aides already knew he was lying.”

“They had expected him to lie, and had obtained documents in advance of that conversation verifying that Walker did indeed have another child… They handed the documents to him, and after some more back and forth, Walker finally admitted it was true. His aides asked if there were any other children they needed to know about. Walker insisted this was it.”

Walker also said: “The Green New Deal, you know climate change. I’m going to help you with that real quickly… We, in America, have some of the cleanest air and cleanest water of anywhere in the world. So what we do is, we gonna put, from the Green New Deal, millions and billions of dollars cleaning our good air up.”

He added: “Since we don’t control the air, our good air decided to float over to China’s bad air. So when China gets our good air, their bad air got to move. So it moves over to our good air space. Then now we got we to clean that back up.”

Trump’s low blow: Newsmax host Greg Kelly dismissed allegations made by the January 6 Committee that former President Donald Trump was trying to influence a witness and that it may have even just been a “butt dial.”

Said Kelly: “You actually can’t tell it’s him calling… How do you know the president actually called? They didn’t answer. Hey, maybe it was a butt dial! Tell the Justice Department that!” (Politico)

July 4, 2022


Have a Happy, Safe July 4th

 In this issue … 

New polling shows a menage a trois for Democrats …

How you can vote and how to get to early voting centers.


Perez, Moore and Franchot tied … There is a tight race in both party primaries. The latest poll from Goucher College, a widely respected polling venue for Maryland politics, shows Peter Franchot, Wes Moore and Tom Perez in a statistical dead-heat for the Democratic Party’s gubernatorial nod. No other candidate is within ten points of the leaders. Go to: ( 

Because Gov. Hogan (R ) vetoed a bill that would have allowed early votes to be counted early, there is a possibility that some of the winners for various races will not be known on election night.

Directions to early, in-person voting sites … From July 7-14, 7am to 8 pm, there are two sites near Leisure World– 

  • Mid-County Rec Center at 2004 Queensgard Road. Use the Connecticut Ave exit from Leisure World. Take a left turn at the first traffic light onto Bel Pre Road. Continue on Bel Pre to the light at Layhill Rd. Right turn onto Layhill. Take your first left onto Queensgard and look for the recreation center on your right. It will be noticeable by the political signs surrounding it.
  • Bauer Drive Rec Center, 14625 Bauer Dr. Take a left onto Norbeck Rd. Follow Norbeck to Bauer Drive and take a left onto Bauer. The rec center is on the left opposite the Safeway. (This site is largely due to lobbying by our 1st VP Sandy Zimmet.)

If you requested and received a ballot in the mail … There is a huge drop box in front of Clubhouse 1 (mainly thanks to lobbying by our 1st VP Sandy Zimmet). Or use a USPS mailbox.


July 19 Election Day voting in Leisure World … While we strongly encourage you to vote either by mail or at an early voting site, there will be three locations within Leisure World on July 19, Election Day. You have to go to the right one. If you are unsure, visit: Use the drop down menu’s “Voter Registration” tab. Click on “Verify Voter Registration” and enter the required data. If you have a mail-in ballot, send it now. Be prepared to wait in line and please wear a mask.

May 27, 2022

 Bylaw changes: We need to update our bylaws, which date from 2009 when a “telephone tree” was still in vogue. You will be getting an online ballot within a few days. You have the option of filling out the online ballot or coming to our June 9 meeting and completing your choices via paper ballot there. More info to come … and a special thanks to our member Allen Solomon. 

In the News … 

But not banned in Boston … Russia is permanently banning nearly 1,000 Americans, including President Biden and Vice President Harris, from entering the country. One prominent name missing from the list: former president Donald Trump. (Wash Post)

Democratic voters want action … According to a new NBC News poll, nearly two-thirds of the party’s voters said they want to vote for a candidate “who proposes larger scale policies that cost more and might be harder to pass into law, but could bring major change” on the issues of health care, climate change, the cost of college, and economic opportunity.

Just 33 percent said they prefer candidates “who propose smaller scale policies that cost less and might be easier to pass into law, but will bring less change on these issues.” (Politico)

 And in the polling universe …

A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll found that registered voters initially preferred a generic Democrat over a generic Republican by 5 percentage points when asked how they would vote in their district if the congressional election were being held today, 44% to 39%.

But when voters were asked to choose instead between a “pro-choice Democrat” and a “pro-life Republican,” GOP support fell to 31% while Democratic support held steady — more than doubling the gap between the two candidates, to 13 percentage points.

A new CNN poll finds 66% of Americans say Roe v. Wade should not be completely struck down, and 59% would support Congress passing legislation to establish a nationwide right to abortion.

(From columnist Dan Pfieffer) “The Republicans are in the driver’s seat despite pushing one of the most unpopular, extreme agendas in modern political history. For all the handwringing about how Democrats can win the culture wars, it’s the Republicans who should fear a high-profile conflict on those cultural issues.

“And it’s not just the ‘culture war’ issues where Republicans are off base. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated that one of his first acts as Speaker would be to shut down the investigation into the January 6th insurrection, but that investigation is supported by two-thirds of Americans.”

 Some news … 


A billion here, a billion there … A coalition of advocacy organizations is calling on Maryland’s congressional delegation to endorse a resolution to institute a federal billionaire tax, saying that there is a disparity in what the rich pay to the federal government annually versus the working class. Nine of Maryland’s 11 billionaires saw an $11.6 billion increase in their wealth from March 2020 to the beginning of April 2022 (during COVID) and they hold almost $40 billion in assets, according to a new report. (from Maryland Matters)

Primary election is July 19 … The Court of Appeals ruled that a legislative district map passed by the General Assembly should remain in place, despite even more challenges from disgruntled Republican voters in the state. If you plan to vote by mail or in Leisure World’s drop box, get an application by contacting the Montgomery County Board of Elections at


The big lie/liar … Former President Donald Trump boasted recently that a “massive” crowd turned out to see him in Georgia, even as two experienced journalists on the scene said the rally was the “smallest” they had seen in years, the HuffPost reports. Said Greg Bluestein, a political reporter at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “I’ve covered more than two dozen Trump rallies around the nation. This is the smallest crowd I’ve seen at a rally of his in Georgia since he won the 2016 election.”


Is evolution a Jewish plot? Former CBS News correspondent and current Fox Nation host Lara Logan said that “the theory of evolution is the result of a wealthy Jewish family paying Charles Darwin to devise an explanation for what gave rise to humanity,” Rolling Stone reports.