Donkey Dispatch

Donkey Dispatch

January 17, 2020

Now It Begins: Let’s Take Back the White House and the Senate!!

Letter Writing: Our first activist effort is on Wednesday, February 5th, 3-5 pm in the Maryland Room.  We will supply refreshments; you supply the people power.

Voter Education, Registration and Turnout in Leisure World: We have a cadre of trained voter registrars. We will set up tables to get people registered prior to the MD Democratic Primary on April 28 and the General Election on  November 3rd.

Democratic Presidential Primary Debate Here: We have contacted all the campaigns. Depending on who is left in early April, we will invite the candidates or their surrogate to a Leisure World debate. If you wish to attend, join the Democratic Club!

Agitate from Home: For folks who wish to write, text, phone or mail from home, we will give you all the tools you need. Come to the Feb. 5th meeting.

Statistics show that voting is 8% higher for those receiving texts, between ages 27 to 50. Small changes in turnout matter: just 5000 votes recently elected a Democrat for Kentucky Governor. An 8% increase in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania would have elected Hillary president– and we would not have lived through this nightmare.

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Become part of the Democratic Club’s Political Advocacy Committee. Send and email to Use that same address to become a member of the Club — at the affordable rate of $15/person.